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Jennifer Campbell
Instructor at Hot Yoga Workout since 2008. Although I practiced yoga prior, my first experience with the heat was at Hot Yoga Workout. I quickly fell in love with the added intensity and challenge of the heat, along with the incredible workout. Additionally, I found a home and a family in the studio, the community that surrounds it, and Dawn. With Dawn Delany as my mentor, I turned my practice completely to Hot Yoga, and continued to grow as an instructor. I consider my practice a treasured gift from Dawn. Since her passing, I feel honored with the ability to share her beautiful gift with everyone who enters our studio. I see each day that I lead a class as a wonderful opportunity to provide yoga, support, motivation, and self-confidence through accomplishment to all those who practice with me.
Patrick McClanahan
At 38, Patrick has been teaching fitness classes as a credited, licensed, and certified instructor for 20 years. Patrick holds the title “Bally Total Fitness Champion 1997”. His experience in numerous class formats has brought him to be recognized and sought after in the fitness community and industry.
“I began teaching fitness over half my life span ago and there is no end to it for as far as I can see.” Patrick’s class will surely give you a workout and more. He dedicates each class as an entirely different practice unlike anything before. Bootcamps, Aerobics, Strength Training, Yoga and Pilates are among his student’s favorite classes to take.



Gale Goldman
I have been working out for 30+ years, five to seven days a week, consistently: aerobics, step, spinning, weight-lifting, and hot yoga. Without a doubt, practicing hot yoga has been the most beneficial, intense, transformational, and meaningful of all. I’ve been at The Hot Yoga Workout studio since 2001, first as a student, and then as an instructor for the last six years. At 60 years young, I’ve never been stronger, more flexible, and balanced, from the inside out. Namaste.
Charles Young
I have always been interested in Eastern meditative practices. Thanks to Dawn, I discovered a very practical use for yoga in my everyday life; besides keeping me in shape, both mentally and physically, it helped alleviate my chronic migraines. Dawn was my mentor for 11 years. I am honored to be teaching at the studio; my way of paying it forward..
Deborah Davis
After having promised never to live here again , Deborah moved back to Phoenix in 2002 with her two boys, Brandon 28 an actor in San Francisco and Gabriel 23, a race car enthusiast. She has currently returned to college to pursue her degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies.Her goal is to teach at the college level.
She has been a fitness instructor since 1989 and has taught pilates and yoga since 1997. Her first yoga training was with yoga master, Rodney Yee. Since that experience Deborah has trained with Stott Pilates, AFFA practical yoga, mat science one and mat science two.

When she isn’t teaching or studying, she enjoys traveling, interior and exterior design and spending time with family and friends. Most of the time she can be found with her two precious tea cup Yorkie’s, Gator and Greg, in tow.

Carrie Rosenboom
Born in Pennsylvania and raised in New Jersey, Carrie who goes by the nickname “CJ” began her movement training at the early age of seven with studies in dance and gymnastics that lead to becoming a dance teacher, choreographer and musical theatre performer.

Carrie was introduced to Yoga in 2005 by Sumit Banerjee and was inspired to embark on a journey in becoming a teacher. She trained at Sumit Yoga in Scottsdale and has continued her education in the 500 hour advanced studies and teacher training through Yoga Pura in Phoenix.

Carrie has a lifelong background in dance and musical theatre. Studying with master teachers from Alvin Ailey in New York and training in modern/contemporary styles of dance such as Martha Graham and Isadora Dunkin. Her unique approach to Yoga combines elements of dance to give a beautiful fusion of flow and movement. Carrie’s class encourages physical fitness and enlivens creativity while her loving nature and liveliness will influence you to expand your inner awareness and relinquish all that may inhibit you from expressing your truest self.

Marisa Maggio-Harelson
I’ve always been full of energy, a go-getter…  always on a road to self-discovery. Life is about change and that’s how I connected with yoga. I wish I would have known about the transformative powers of yoga at a much younger age. But, hey, you are never too old to learn new things. In yoga especially, you are never too young or too old, too flexible or inflexible. Yoga is for everyone.

I am a high-energy professional having worked as a television journalist for 17 years in several markets, including Phoenix.  I’ve been practicing hot yoga for about six years. I fell in love with the disciplined practice that incorporates heat, music, many of the bikram poses and vinyasa flow, all while connecting and feeding my mind, body and spirit. I love it so much I became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher through Sumit Yoga. Teaching has also helped me become a better student. I love sharing this gift of yoga. It is truly a passion. Yoga has taught me to be more patient and calm, which translates to a much better “Marisa” and “Mom.” I still struggle with balancing my life. Thank God for yoga. Right?

Something you may not know about me? I have travelled all over the world and am lucky to say I have been on all seven continents. My favorite places are East Africa and Bali. But those penguins in Antarctica are pretty cute too.

I feel so blessed in my life. I am so grateful for the many different paths my life has taken.  I am so grateful to my beautiful family, my husband and two children for their love and support in my new journey of life.  Namaste.

Kimberly Blaess
I have been called a “Cardio Queen” or “Crazy Cardio Junkie” from my friends, family and students for as long as I can remember! I love the rush of endorphins after an intense sweaty workout, be it  from biking, hiking, swimming, Zumba, dancing, or of course teaching. In addition to cardio, I crave the slower, steady breath from yoga, pilates, barre and meditation. There is something about the quiet slowness and serenity of doing these forms of exercise that makes my heart sing. Cardio is the Ying to my yogaesque Yang.

I strive to be healthy, happy and whole in all areas of my life. My wish is to help others find their happiness as well. Originally, I thought this was going to be through psychology, but in the past few years realized it would be through a combination of the mind-body connection, overall health and wellness.

I have been leading small groups of women at my home on and off for years. We do a wide range of fitness or yoga, create healthy food options and I even give cooking demonstrations! While I love the one-on-one personal feel, I fell in love with teaching larger groups at studios! I am excited to be part of such a great team and can't wait to help you reach your goals! Together we shall move onward and upward in our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical presence!