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Sabrina Carlson

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Jennifer Campbell

Instructor at Hot Yoga Workout since 2008. Although I practiced yoga prior, my first experience with the heat was at Hot Yoga Workout. I quickly fell in love with the added intensity and challenge of the heat, along with the incredible workout. Additionally, I found a home and a family in the studio, the community that surrounds it, and Dawn. With Dawn Delany as my mentor, I turned my practice completely to Hot Yoga, and continued to grow as an instructor. I consider my practice a treasured gift from Dawn. Since her passing, I feel honored with the ability to share her beautiful gift with everyone who enters our studio. I see each day that I lead a class as a wonderful opportunity to provide yoga, support, motivation, and self-confidence through accomplishment to all those who practice with me.


Charles Young

I have always been interested in Eastern meditative practices. Thanks to Dawn, I discovered a very practical use for yoga in my everyday life; besides keeping me in shape, both mentally and physically, it helped alleviate my chronic migraines. Dawn was my mentor for 11 years. I am honored to be teaching at the studio; my way of paying it forward..


Tiffany Cage

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